Thursday, November 30, 2017


Room 1 and mrs  wallace went
Swimming yesterday on thursday.
We went down to the pool
and got dressed and
we were freezing and we got
to swim to the bottom to the
top of the pool to get warmed
up.We done our lesson and we
Got Them all right on of them were
the turtle. Then after all our lesson
We got free time  and me and danielle
Done handstand competitions to see who
Is the longest handstand has to vs someone
Else and keep on doing the same thing every time  
And we even did longest underwater and heaps of fun then we packed up and got out and went to class.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Maui and the giant fish.

Today we did a practice activity for the Summer Learning Journey.
First we read the story Maui and the Giant Fish.
Then we wrote 3 facts we learned from the story.
Here are my facts:
Early in the morning his brothers were sleeping,  Maui took his fishing line and hid himself in the canoe. When the brothers woke up they noticed something was different because Maui was in the the bottom of the canoe that it made it heavier.

Maui hid in the bottom of the canoe because he wanted to go fishing but his brothers made up excuses for him not to go.

Maui secretly hatched a plan so he can prove to his older brother that he's a good fishermen.Maui’s plan was go out at night  when the brother are sleeping then Maui went and he caught a big fish.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


In the story the boy says he just got back from the hospital twenty - four hours and i think when he came back home he missed the  mud puddles why he jumped in the puddles.
The best part of the story was when the man comes and the boys in the trolley and they run away .

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

I walked home from school yesterday.

Writing Workshop 1, 19/9/2017.
WALT stretch out our writing and make it more interesting.

Success Criteria: We started out with a simple sentence then made it better.

During my way home from school I saw a huge pack of  noisy hungry dogs that were barking loudly
\at each other. It was so noisy I could still hear the thunderous noise in my head when I  eventually got home. I decided to walk outside and give them some food. I  patted their bony little heads to try and quieten them down.  

Friday, September 15, 2017

Flea feast sheet

Source: School Journal, Pt 3, No. 1, 1999.
Learning Media Limited; Wellington.
Illustration Copyright © Crown (1999).

Flea Feast
by Valerie Matuku

  1. Read the poem.
  2. Record yourself reading the poem.
  3. Answer the questions below.
1.Who are the “victims” the flea talks about in the first verse? The dog
2 Write down 2 words from the first verse that give clues of who the victims are.bark shout
3 When the dog says, “My owner thinks he’s won the war”, what war is he talking about?the war against the flea
4 In the second verse the dog says, “I’m not scratching any more”.  
Why isn't he scratching any more?i think the flea is keeping still..
5Why do you think the dog had to sleep in the shed?because he ished a lot
6What made the boy decide to let the dog sleep beside his bed ?
Because he’s not scratching anymore
7 In the last verse the flea talks about having a "change of diet".
Who will most likely be the flea's new victim?The boy/owner/human

Making infences

Making Inferences
Add inferences you make while watching partly cloudy
I think (your inference)
because …..(evidence from the text)
The storm cloud is angry because he can’t make cute animals like the pink clouds.
Tje storm cloud can’t make cute one maybe because he not pink he’s a grey storm cloud.
The bird is wearing those clothes.
Because the dangerous animals  that  storm clouds makes doesn't hurt the bird.
The storm cloud is making the sky cry because he thinks that nobody likes him.
People are  like  that  just because they don’t  like storm clouds.
I know that this cloud is a storm cloud
Because the other clouds are pink.
I think the stork is feeling tired and hurt
Because he has black eyes and losing his feathers .
I think the white clouds get to make Babies,Cats and dogs with powers and the grey one looks sad.
Because this grey cloud is storm cloud and does stuff different to the others.
The storm cloud feels sad and angry
Because he thought the stork left him

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

shadaes bread

Walt make connections to our prior knowledge.
First i made some shapes the shapes were circles.
Next i went to google and searched up step by step.
After that I put up pictures from google. 

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Is it ok to climb trees?

Is it ok to  climb trees?

WALT:write an opinion

I think we should not climb trees.
Because people can fall off and slip on the branch and fall to the ground.
Because they will go to the hospital for her or his broken leg or arm.
It's not going to be ook then you will get sore leg.
Then you can't play when whanau come over.
You can play with whanau and friends when they go over to your house for the week end but you can play some games cards,board games with each can lay because you just lay on the side and play then you can play games like easy games for people that have broken legs. I think that we should not climb trees.

my quiz

What are they doing in the start?
A. going around the school.
B.visiting the kura on the other side of town.
C.going to the zoo.
How was the class feeling when they got told about the kura?


What does everybody say when miss marshall says that have you been part of powhiri?
B. no

Miss marshall asked eddie what did he say about powhiri

Who does miss marshall introduces.
A.Koro tu
B.miss marshall
Who played a song?
B.miss marshall
C.koro tu
What do you think manase said to sa”a.
A.hes really good
B.hes ok
C. hes bad
Over a week what do they find more of.
Who is from samoa.
C.miss marshall
Do you think the kura will like my painting?

Thursday, August 17, 2017

recount about crosscountry with

At 9.30am on monday morning we lined up and
went to the field.

Cross Country.

the whole kaikohe west school.

At the back field.

To practice our cross country for this weeks Wednesday so we can win for our class and our teachers.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Should kids be allowed tvs in their bedrooms.

  • Should kids be allowed tvs in their bedrooms.
  • I think kids should not be allowed a tv in their bedroom.
  • Because kids don't get up for school when they're supposed to.
  • They will be lazy to get up and get dressed and they don't make there  breakfast.
  • They will get addicted to  the tv. That's why they're not going to do anything but  watch tv.
  • Lastly there going to be addicted ,lazy and tied because they didn't get air and energy.
  • They get lazy and tired because they watch too much tv  and didn't get fresh air & exercise.
  • That's why i truly believe kids should not be allowed a tv in there bedroom.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Idea City
  • In Christchurch they have cardboard buildings and the wall covered with leaping foxes and other colorful pictures
  • Christchurch have earthquakes where lots of house they lived in are suddenly are gone.people in christchurch likes pool,centers, sport, courts but because the  earthquakes busted the buildings down but they may be will build them back.
  • When the people go to the movies and sit in a comfortable seat and right after earthquakes come and some people watch them some people watched movies while riding bikes!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Poi By tir Johnson

  • Beginning: Maia didn't like kapahaka because her poi breaking she didn't want to tell
Mr Hayward's .

  • Middle:She asked if  Miss Taiapa if she help fix her poi
they had idea that they should make the blue poi in the front and the
Red in the middle then the other blue at the back.

  • End: Miss Taiapa ask her if she come to the festival with her.
        Then Miss taiapa said ask your mum if she can sign the paper.
        Maia said when they spug the blue pois they looked like waves

       And the red one looked like fire.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Verb from the poem
Synonym for that verb
Frightening scary

Black and hairy
Fluffy furry
Black and hairy.                                                Fluffy black spiders backs.                 
Creeping round
It's creepy when people walks around          
People's houses.             

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

poi by Tira johnson

  • Beginning: Maia didn't like kapahaka because her poi breaking she didnt want to tell
Mr Hayward's .

  • Middle:She asked if  Miss Taiapa if she help fix her poi
they had idea that they should make the blue poi in the front and the
Red in the middle then the other blue at the back.

  • End: Miss Taiapa ask her if she come to the festival with her.
        Then Miss taiapa said ask your mum if she can sign the paper.
        Maia said when they spug the blue pois they looked like waves
       And the red one looked like fir.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

WAlT;we are learning to use observations using adjective

 Butterflies spotty wings little body little black leg.

  Bee soft like a puppy when i touched it little stick out legs.
Displaying IMG_1883.JPG

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

we are learning to write our observtion

Room 1 and mrs wallace.To look at rocks and smell them.This morning.In room 1.
To make observation.we sat in a circle and passed some rocks around some were volcanic some were from the beach.We were feeling the rocks to see how it felt.
Some were smooth and some were bumpy.we got the three rulers to put them into columns to see if there beach or volcanic then we got on with our writing.
My favorite rock is a beach rock  because when you shine  the light at it go’s a bit green and bright

Thursday, May 18, 2017

WALT:we are learning to express an idea or an opinion supported with evidence.

I think we should not use  smart phones  in class.
Smart phones are distracting.
When the teacher is teaching and the teacher says come to the mat some people will keep playing on their phones.
They might lose parts of the phones.They might miss out on their learning time.
When they jump they can land on their back then they will forget that their phones are in their pockets it will be a waste of money because its smashed.
thats why i believe that we should not have smart phones at school.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Stop motion and animation

Yesterday room one were learning how to use stop motion  it was amazing.Some people used blocks and  lego we partner
up so we can be with other people all the time now every one  
knows how to use stop motion.

Friday, April 7, 2017


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