Thursday, August 24, 2017

Is it ok to climb trees?

Is it ok to  climb trees?

WALT:write an opinion

I think we should not climb trees.
Because people can fall off and slip on the branch and fall to the ground.
Because they will go to the hospital for her or his broken leg or arm.
It's not going to be ook then you will get sore leg.
Then you can't play when whanau come over.
You can play with whanau and friends when they go over to your house for the week end but you can play some games cards,board games with each can lay because you just lay on the side and play then you can play games like easy games for people that have broken legs. I think that we should not climb trees.

my quiz

What are they doing in the start?
A. going around the school.
B.visiting the kura on the other side of town.
C.going to the zoo.
How was the class feeling when they got told about the kura?


What does everybody say when miss marshall says that have you been part of powhiri?
B. no

Miss marshall asked eddie what did he say about powhiri

Who does miss marshall introduces.
A.Koro tu
B.miss marshall
Who played a song?
B.miss marshall
C.koro tu
What do you think manase said to sa”a.
A.hes really good
B.hes ok
C. hes bad
Over a week what do they find more of.
Who is from samoa.
C.miss marshall
Do you think the kura will like my painting?

Thursday, August 17, 2017

recount about crosscountry with

At 9.30am on monday morning we lined up and
went to the field.

Cross Country.

the whole kaikohe west school.

At the back field.

To practice our cross country for this weeks Wednesday so we can win for our class and our teachers.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Should kids be allowed tvs in their bedrooms.

  • Should kids be allowed tvs in their bedrooms.
  • I think kids should not be allowed a tv in their bedroom.
  • Because kids don't get up for school when they're supposed to.
  • They will be lazy to get up and get dressed and they don't make there  breakfast.
  • They will get addicted to  the tv. That's why they're not going to do anything but  watch tv.
  • Lastly there going to be addicted ,lazy and tied because they didn't get air and energy.
  • They get lazy and tired because they watch too much tv  and didn't get fresh air & exercise.
  • That's why i truly believe kids should not be allowed a tv in there bedroom.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Idea City
  • In Christchurch they have cardboard buildings and the wall covered with leaping foxes and other colorful pictures
  • Christchurch have earthquakes where lots of house they lived in are suddenly are gone.people in christchurch likes pool,centers, sport, courts but because the  earthquakes busted the buildings down but they may be will build them back.
  • When the people go to the movies and sit in a comfortable seat and right after earthquakes come and some people watch them some people watched movies while riding bikes!